Luxury Wedding Cakes East Grinstead

There are so many articles around at the moment encouraging brides to make their own wedding cake in order to save money.  Whilst I’m all for saving money, a bride should enjoy the build up to her wedding day as opposed to spending the days leading up to it in the kitchen … not to mention worrying about transporting the cake to the venue on the day and then assembling and decorating it too!  At first, it seems like a great idea but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.  So if you have more important things to do on your wedding day than worry about your wedding cake or, if you are a hopeless cake maker, why not simply pick up the phone to Raspberry Ribbon Cakes who are based in Horsham.  Raspberry Ribbon Cakes regularly serve venues in East Grinstead, Cranleigh, Crawley, Horsham, West Sussex and Surrey.

Deborah is the founder of Raspberry Ribbon Cakes and is a highly skilled wedding cake designer.  Not only do the wedding cakes from Raspberry Ribbon Cakes look amazing but they are mouth wateringly delicious – in fact some would say too beautiful to cut!

Raspberry Ribbon Cakes accept commissions for bespoke wedding cakes and also make the most beautiful wedding cupcakes, miniature cakes and wedding favour cookies.  Not only do these cakes taste and look wonderful, but they are competitively priced and offer great value for money for a bespoke handmade and handcrafted wedding cake.

Don’t just take our word for it as Raspberry Ribbon Cakes are proud of their glowing customer reviews which can be found on their website at: https://www.raspberryribboncakes.co.uk/customer-reviews

To find out more about wedding cakes from Raspberry Ribbon Cakes give them a call today on: 01403 211152 or mobile:  07803 856696, or email: hello@raspberryribboncakes.co.uk